The project


Since 2002, the lake of Longemer and it’s valley, part of the Parc naturel régional des Ballons des Vosges, have received the status of “site naturel classé”, in other words the lake and it’s valley have become a protected area of outstanding natural beauty.

Any installation or building, campsites included, are now very much regulated by the government’s agency for sustainable development. New camping grounds will never be authorized again, so the time had come for the community of Xonrupt-Longemer, to decide what to do with the aging municipal campsite.

The grounds of the campsite are fantastic. It is just 50 meters to the shores of the lake and the views of the surrounding forests and mountains are superb. Well aware of the fact that if they closed the camping grounds, they would never be allowed to open them again, the city council of Xonrupt-Longemer made the brave decision to renovate and upgrade the Camping le Domaine de Longemer.

It took more than 5 years to prepare the project, and then finally, late summer 2017, the works commenced. At Xonrupt-Longemer, we have experienced the same wet, grey winter weather as anywhere else in Europe, making working conditions difficult. All the workmen, mainly of local businesses, deserve that we take our hat off to them, for working in these conditions.

I think we can let the photographs speak for themselves. The whole team involved in the project and the campsite, the city council and the inhabitants of Xonrupt-Longemer and myself are very much looking forward to welcoming you soon !



Director of Camping Le Domaine de Longemer.